AECM Conference 2015

The next AECM Annual Conference will take place in Nice on 12 - 13 June 2015.  


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The Association of European Candle Makers represents candle manufacturers and suppliers to the candle industry in Europe. Founded in 1962 in Paris, the Association acts as the collective voice for the candle industry to promote the safe use and enjoyment of candles, to improve the competitiveness of all companies in Europe and to ensure that their interests are heard and understood. The Association’s headquarters are located at:

Avenue Jules Bordet, 142

B-1140 Brussels,



A non-profit organization, the association’s aims are to promote the European candle industry by developing as far as reasonable common solutions regarding questions of shared interest such as:

Quality control procedures, Safety standards (pictograms), Raw material standards and Investigations regarding environmental influence of burning candles

The use of candles at home

First step: candle preparing

Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting. A longer wick can cause irregular burning.
Avoid any foreign matter (wick trimmings, matches etc) in the wax pool.


Who &
Where we are

AECM Full members include companies producing candles in Europe and trade associations representing the industry’s interests at a regional level.

Decoration and design

A candle, actor of a multi sensory living environment

Truth can only impose itself through senses

Candles have a soul and make our senses vibrate.
We live in a time in which our existence is more and more standardized, suburban, sterilized, and we are left with very few loopholes. Our homes are our refuges, and remain the last bastion of the high lightening of our senses!!!


An everlasting history

Candle history

Candles over the centuries

For ages now, the light of candles has played a part in History. But what is the light and flame of a candle? It is not so easy to answer this question. The definition evolves over the centuries. The meaning itself of a candle is at the moment, in a few words, a flammable wick surrounded with solid combustible matter.