AECM Association European Candle Makers Email: Tel: +32 2 761 1654

The Association of European Candle Makers represents candle manufacturers and suppliers to the candle industry in Europe.

Founded in 1962 in Paris, the Association acts as the collective voice for the candle industry to promote the safe use and enjoyment of candles, to improve the competitiveness of all companies in Europe and to ensure that their interests are heard and understood.

The Association of European Candle Makers

A non-profit organization, the association’s aims are to promote the European candle industry by developing as far as reasonable common solutions regarding questions of shared interest such as: Quality control procedures, Safety standards (pictograms), Raw material standards and Investigations regarding environmental influence of burning candles

The Association’s headquarters are located at: Avenue  de Tervueren 188A, Postbox4, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium