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  • Candle: a major player (actor) in a multi sensory environment

    Truth takes life only through our senses …
    A candle has a soul and arouses our senses

    At a time when life is becoming more and more standardized, suburbanized, sterilized and does not give us any way out, home, like a refuge for most of us, remains the last stronghold where to highlight our senses.

    Candles find their way in our homes, and materialize a lot of simple but basic pleasures Candles are live lights, and well beyond the original symbol of the purity of the flame, and in the continuity of the religious candle, they have kept and maintained these perennial values… They are a peaceful strength of warmth and conviviality, of subtle and flickering changes in a play of light and shade… The pleasure to light a candle to end the day in a peaceful atmosphere …

    Candles light up darkness with a magical presence in the rooms where they burn, they make space dance and create an infinity of changing shapes. Their soft light embellishes, and their flame with its hypnotic and soothing power leads us to rest and meditation...

    First there was light, now there is scent.

    Au naturel, the candle has the smell of its material, the comforting smell of a well done product, enriched by noble substances. The smell of an ancestral factory where the plumes of honey smelling wax swirl through the acid and stinging notes of stearin. Today, the candle is the bearer of a multitude of subtle notes, shaped to arouse one of our major senses: the sense of smell.

    Out of the five senses, smell is the shortest way to emotion. It awakens a multitude of forgotten souvenirs. The olfactory pallet is wide: floral, fruity, spicy... oriental, woody, up to the greener and fresher marine notes… Each scent can remind you of a moment of the day, of a place, of a specific place in the house. The 21st century candle is the true ambassador of this art of living. The sense of smell is more and more present…. A source of constantly renewed emotions!!

    Colors, Shapes and Design..

    The candle takes and loses shape, fits and mingles in the décor. Sculpted, engraved, either minimalist or monumental, it likes to be present. Discreet though always noticed, it brings this little “additional soul” to the interior.

    The candle is where we enjoy living, living with this ‘art’ as it adapts to trends…As a chameleon, it can take all the colors of the rainbow, be a camaieu a season, it’s color shading the next.

    Eulogy to this transient object, with its one and only life, one life to brighten up the décor, and as soon as it disappears, we won’t rest unlit we lit another one.