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  • A long tradition of habits and customs regarding candles has formed among the centuries.

    Each house had formerly its wax candle of the Candlemas. It was a taper candle that was blessed by the priest at the Candlemas (February 2nd). When violent storms were threatening, or in cases of epidemics, sicknesses, or when the last hour had rung, or again when the pains of labour struck, people used to light the taper candle of the Candlemas, bearing the hope that the blessed wishes of the priest would come true.

    Another form of symbolism is expressed in November, on the Day of the Dead. Taper candles are also often used to honour the dead.

    In the 1900s, when electric lighting and gas arrived, the use of candles was mostly only in the case of electricity breakdowns or the atmosphere of the house.Namely during the Second World War, candles had been used to replace electricity, as its use was restricted.

    Nevertheless, candles have not disappeared from our houses. The pleasant atmosphere and the warm intimacy which they provide make them appealing.

    The industry has developed the fashionable side of candles. Today we can buy candles of any colour. There is no such thing as a romantic dinner without a candle. A candle lightens up the atmosphere during the long cold and wet evenings in winter.