AECM Association European Candle Makers Email: Tel: +32 2 761 1654

Vision and Mission

    The association has the following non-profit objectives:
    • To act as the collective voice for the candle industry
    • To promote the safe use and enjoyment of candles
    • To improve the competitiveness of all companies in Europe
    • To ensure that European Candle Makers’ interests are heard and understood
    The activities which the association proposes to carry out in order to achieve these objectives are the following:
    • The organization of an annual Conference, held jointly with the AECM members’ General Assembly;
    • Defending the interests of the profession in the event of the implementation of standards and legislation of all kinds;
    • Providing members with relevant information on developments relating to Europe’s candle industry, including information of a technical nature and latest regulatory developments at European and national level;
    • Producing a newsletter for all members as well as a non-members version;
    • Carry out candle market surveys, providing an insight for members on the latest consumer trends in Europe.