AECM Association European Candle Makers Email: Tel: +32 2 761 1654

Why Join AECM

    The Association of European Candle Makers unites companies producing candles in Europe, associations representing the candle industry's interest at regional level as well as entities that supply goods and services to the candle industry. They share a common interest in the development of the candle industry in Europe.

    The association allows the entire industry to speak with one voice in response to issues concerning European legislation, indoor air quality and candle standards.

    Members of the AECM have access to the following services:
    • Participation in the AECM Technical Committee, where regulatory and technical issues are discussed;
    • Access to the AECM Technical Forum, where members can post questions online anytime and get feedback from other members and the AECM headquarters
    • Enter a wide network of contacts and peers in the European and international candle industry
    • Enjoy a discount rate to attend the AECM Annual Conference, where participants have direct contact with key customers and suppliers.
    • Benefit from the information gathered in consumer surveys across Europe on candle market trends

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    For more information on membership, download our brochure